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Linqu Hongrui Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangbei Stainless Steel and Aluminum Profile Distribution Center. It is a large-scale stainless steel professional production enterprise which integrates production, research and development and sales. After years of unremitting efforts, the company has gained high praise from its peers for many high-tech research and development. Advanced technology, scientific management and professional talents ensure the excellent quality of products.
The company's main products are: stainless steel tube, square tube, rectangular tube, elliptical tube, special-shaped tube, bright tube, grinding tube, wire drawing tube, embossing tube, threaded tube, etc. Products with: fine workmanship, good flexibility, good gloss, beautiful, strong, durable and other advantages, widely applicable to municipal engineering, street lights, building decoration, medical equipment, liquid transportation, fishing gear, doors, billboards, waiting halls, stadiums and other large-scale decoration projects.
The company insists on taking science and technology as the guide, taking market as the guide, continuously increasing investment in technological transformation, timely introducing advanced technology in the world, and successively develops a variety of new products in line with market demand, gradually expands product application fields, and guides the development direction of stainless steel industry.
The company adheres to the enterprise concept of "surviving by quality and developing by reputation", strictly abides by the enterprise tenet of "leading in science and technology, being honest, serving first and giving priority to customers", makes friends widely, innovates constantly, serves customers better and strides forward to the enterprise! __________